Discover the first predictive clinical decision support tool

PredictionStar is an innovative aid for Breast Cancer physicians and patients, deserving optimal therapy.

Tumor typing has never facilitated optimal treatment with predictable outcomes – until now.

Empowering optimal therapies with
predictable outcomes – every patient!

All of this, highly cost-effectively and neutral for health care budgets.

Our Approach

PredictionStar is the first of its kind point-of-care technology platform, amenable to any molecular cancer diagnostics laboratory.

The technology works by using patented algorithms for analysis of tumor-specific genomic, biological, pathological, and patient-specific clinical information, complemented by intelligence-augmented drug – tumor matching, calibration with real-world outcome data to guide evidence-based therapy decisions.

Onco Genom X - PredictionStar - Approach

Current prognosis and mutation-centrism makes PredictionStar a must-have Breast Cancer diagnostic.

Onco Genom X - PredictionStar - Approach 2

We have just completed the analysis of 1’100 METABRIC study patients of the 2’400 total Breast Cancers we have studied, and a cost-effectiveness study with the renowned IFEG institute, confirming the potential of a 2-fold improved prescription precision, a 3-fold risk reduction of under- or overtreatment, a 3-fold improved chance of durable clinical benefit, and a 2-fold reduction of targeted therapy expenses [OGX-Study 2106-01 (Final study report on file)].

Cancer profiling with PredictionStar encompasses measurement of gene expression patterns and detection of molecular aberrations in archival formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded, and eosin-stained (FFPE) tumor tissue, and molecular profiling of longitudinally collected blood samples.


The PredictionStar approach goes beyond cancer profiling and easy-to-read therapy guidance through a routine-fit application on a mobile device.
To maximize the clinical utility, PredictionStar offers an effortless and intuitive feedback routine powered by advanced machine learning for continuous improvement of test results and increasing numbers of patients benefitting from PredictionStar use.
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Our leadership team

We have assembled a team of 5 accomplished industry pioneers with complementary expertise, including company-building, diagnostics platform-building, and molecular cancer diagnostics. We are united by the passion of making PredictionStar a diagnostic routine for all Breast Cancer patients, as the steppingstone to biology- and clinical evidence-guided cancer therapy.

Onco Genom X - Wolfgang Hackl

Wolfgang Hackl

Onco Genom X - David Demanse

David Demanse

Onco Genom X - Marco Witteveen

Marco Witteveen

Our Chief Technology Officer and Chief Diagnostics Officer will join after successful series A investment.